— Intercollegiate student scientific conference
Intercollegiate student scientific conference
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about holding an intercollegiate student scientific conference

Department of Basic Sciences UNPK IUK


On March 28, 2019, an intercollegiate student scientific and practical conference was held at the UNPK IUK  on the theme “Sustainable Development of Kyrgyzstan: A View of Youth”. The conference, organized by the Department of Fundamental Sciences, was held in Section 8 entitled “Fundamental Sciences in Medicine”.

The purpose of the conference is to stimulate students' interest in studying and researching current problems in various fields of knowledge of the basic sciences and medicine. Promoting the integration of foreign students in local university life, the formation of prerequisites for social adaptation of students, the development of their communication skills, as well as the popularization of scientific knowledge and intellectual and creative activities among students.

At the conference were presented - 15 student works from the faculties of "General Medicine" UNPK IUK and KSMA them. I.Akhunbaeva. The conference was opened at the Youth Center by the Vice-Rector for Science and Development, M. Bayhodzhoev, welcomed the participants and wished them successful and fruitful work in the sections.

Further work continued in the sections, Zh.F. Moldokeeva and ZY Azhibekova, whose duties included the presentation of participants, the initiation of questions asked to students and the organization of dialogue, anticipating each presentation on the topics of reports. This brought a certain revival and aroused the interest of the audience. The work of this section was completely in English, as the students are foreign and English-speaking (Pakistan, India).

Most of the presentations were made in the form of presentations using a multimedia projector. The content of the slides reflected the main points of the reports. The speakers constantly turned to the slides, explaining the contents of the diagrams, tables, diagrams.

In general, students creatively reacted to this work and included in the slides the corresponding pictures, photos, picked up the color background. The text of the slides was presented in dynamics (movement) and the visualization of the reports contributed to their better perception. Almost all presentation reports deserved the interest of those present, and were distinguished by their persuasiveness and clarity.

Thus, the preparation of presentations met modern requirements for the presentation of reports, their high level and presentation style were good evidence of this. All speakers successfully coped with the tasks.

Presentation of reports:

1.A student Mishal Rilwan made a presentation on “Biomarkers of cardiovascular diseases”. The student spoke confidently and interestingly, showed the best knowledge and possession of the presented topic. Demonstrated excellent English speaking and pronunciation. The general decision of the jury recommended to publish the work in the collection of reports on the results of this conference.

2. Majida Abdul "Coordination compounding of transitions". Despite the complexity of the chosen topic, the student performed well and showed the best presentation skills.

3. Malik Maham "Biological role of iron in the body of human" told about the role of iron in the human body, demonstrated a vivid and colorful presentation with interesting vivid examples. Explained the material in simple and accessible language.

4. Saddam Hussain "Importance of microbiology in the medicine". The report is very interesting, accompanied by real facts from the student's observations. The speaker opened the topic in a rather structured and clear way.

5. Nasr Ullah "Electromagnetic waves and human health". During the presentation, the student introduced the results of his own research on the effects of electromagnetic waves on human health. He stopped on specific examples of exposure, showed a successful combination of research methods and demonstrated a high potential of research work. The general decision of the jury recommended to publish the work in the collection of reports on the results of this conference.

6. Shafique in his speech “Biological oxidation” spoke about the importance of biological oxidation of chemical elements. Quite visually, interesting and succinctly presented the material presented.

7. Rituraj Jaiswal made a presentation on the “Inhibitors of electron transport chain (ETC)”. He showed an excellent knowledge of the topic of the speech, the presentation was based on visual pictures, images and diagrams. Confidently and obsnovanno answered questions from participants.

8. Sahavaj Aalam "Fat-soluble vitamins and minerals". The speaker talked about fat-soluble vitamins and revealed their biological role in human life. He was distinguished by an interesting and lively performance, a bright, accessible and demonstrative presentation.

9. Sagar Sanup made a presentation on “Hormons. Acting mechanism of hormons. During the presentation, he demonstrated the skillful use of video visualization of the presented material, proving the excellent ability to apply innovative methods of information technology in educational activities. The topic of the presentation was quite interesting for the participants, judging by the large number of questions asked by the conference participants.


Evaluation of student performance was carried out according to the following criteria:

1. Relevance of content and theme.

2. Relevance.

3. Competent, reasonable and creative presentation of the material.

  After discussion with the participation of teachers in accordance with the evaluation criteria, the following students were declared winners:

Diploma of 1 degree - Mishal Rilwan, 2-semestr, group 1 (ISM IUK). Scientific supervisor Kadyrkulova Saltanat Orozobaevna, Ph.D., and. assistant professor

Second Degree Diploma - Malik Maham, 2-semestr, group 1 (ISM IUK), Sahavaj Aalam, 1-course (KSMA). Tursunalieva Klara Satybekovna, Ph.D., associate professor.


3rd Degree Diploma - Saddam Hussain, 3-semestr, group 4 (ISM IUK), Scientific Leader - Esenalieva Ainura Ashirbekovna, Senior Lecturer; Sagar Sanup, 1-course (KSMA), supervisor - Duisheeva Begimzhan Mukambetovna, Ph.D., Acting Associate Professor; Nasr Ullah, 3-semestr, group 5 (ISM IUK), supervisor - Gulnara Amanbayera, Ph.D., Acting associate professor.

In conclusion, summed up by the organizers of the conference summed up the work of the section, described the features of the work of the jury in assessing the work of students and wished health and academic success and the same active life position and scientific and creative potential of students.


At the closing ceremony, the best students were awarded diplomas and certificates from the hands of the Vice-Rector for Science and Development NOU UNPK IUK MS Bayhodzhoeva.

Participation in this conference for the majority of students was the first step in science and served as a good lesson in public speaking, where they honed their skills to express thoughts. Not all of the presented works were the original studies of the authors, but the reports touched upon the urgent and urgent problems of the basic sciences in medicine and the educational process as a whole. Valuable was creativity, intellectual productivity, the generation of new ideas by students.

In the end, memorable photos were taken of all the participants and teachers of the department.



              Information prepared:

                       Curator of the conference : Moldokeev Zh.F.

                           Assistant : Uraiimov E.T.